Kappa Ventures is a cryptocurrency hedge fund that aims to outperform the more traditional hedge funds that invest in the stock market.

Our fee structure is designed to reflect our confidence in our trading strategy.

Management Fee - .25%/yr
this means if you invest $10,000, you'll pay $250 a year regardless of how the fund performs

Incentive Fee - 20%
this means if you invest $10,000 and we generate $5,000 in profit for you in the first year, our performance fee would be $1,000. Leaving you with $4,000 in profit.
Note: Our fund uses a High-Water mark, which means that if the fund loses money in any year, the losses need to be recouped before incentive fees start being charged again.
Hurdle Rate - 5%
this means that you don't pay any fees, on the first 5% of profit

Minimum Investment - $10,000


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