Kappa Ventures is a cryptocurrency hedge fund that is focused on growing your wealth
by applying smart long term investment strategies into digital assets and blockchain technologies.


Kappa Ventures invests in cryptocurrencies on behalf of our clients in order to grow their wealth and to achieve their long term financial objectives. Our trading strategy is aimed at safe cryptocurrency investing. We use a research driven approach and use algorhythmic pattern recognition in order to identify good investments for our fund.


We do three kinds of investing.

1. We identify up and coming currencies and digital tokens, do extensive due diligence and get in on the ground floor before they go 100x.

2. We do event based trading by investing into digital currencies before major announcements. We do this by doing our own research in each asset in order to identify opportunities before the market finds out about them.

3. We do momentum based investing, by investing into strong digital currencies that are showing the pattern for continued growth.


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